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Group Leader: BBSRC David Phillips Fellow &

Principle Research Fellow (Associate Professor) of Chromosome Biology

- British Society for Cell Biology Committee Member

- American Society for Cell Biology Committee Member

Inside the lab: Started Team Booth in 2020 supported by a Nottingham Research Fellowship. Dan LOVES chromosomes, microtubules and all things cell-division!

Sciencey Skills: Multi-modal imaging techniques, 3D cellular reconstructions, proteomics.

Outside the lab: Enjoys spending time with his wife and children, Liverpool FC, cooking and building things.


BBSRC funded PhD Student 

Inside the lab:  Joined Booth Lab in April 2021. Eva is using advanced imaging techniques such as super-resolution light microscopy and electron microscopy to investigate chromosome structure in human oocytes and characterising the abnormalities that may occur and lead to aneuploidy.

Sciencey Skills: Eva is one of the few people to be expert in both SBF-SEM and FIB-SEM.

Outside the lab: Loves spending time with friends and family (especially my baby nephew), reading, baking and then eating whatever I’ve baked!

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Wellcome funded PhD Student

Inside the lab:  “Elucidating the interactome and molecular pharmacology of the vascular endothelial growth factor receptors (VEGFRs) and neuropilin (NRP) signalling axis” 

George switched his role as a pharmacist to focus on his passion for research, when he joined Booth Lab in October 2020 (Co-supervisor is Laura Kilpatrick). George is using a combination of unique proteomic analytical techniques to map the interactomes of the vascular endothelial growth factor receptors and neuropilins. 

Sciencey Skills: Proximity proteomics, bioinformatics

Outside the lab: Loves doing anything arty, such as pottery and painting. A social butterfly who enjoys time with friends and family, usually with a pint in hand.  



Post-Doc (joint with Seedhouse lab) funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity

Inside the lab: Research history primarily focused on improving treatment options for AML patients. Currently investigating how the subcellular localisation of mutated NPM1 contributes to leukaemia.

Sciencey Skills: Flow cytometry, working with precious patient samples.

Outside the lab: Love spending time with my two children, supporting Derby County football club, cooking, Texas Hold’em, running and a cold beer. 


Belle Xing

Post-Doc  funded by BBSRC

Inside the lab:  

I joined the Booth Lab in January 2024, where I am dedicated to unraveling the structural complexities of mitotic chromosomes. My research leverages advanced imaging techniques such as cryo-Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (cryo-CLEM), and I am exploring the potential use of super-resolution single molecule localisation microscopy (SMLM) and expansion microscopy (ExM). Additionally, I am developing cellular models to facilitate studies on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and mitosis.

Sciencey skills: Cryo-CLEM, SMLM, ExM, CRISPR engineering, lentiviral work.

Outside the lab: I am passionate about painting, crafting, and decorating, always immersing myself in creative projects. Travel is another passion of mine; I love exploring new places with my partner and family, appreciating historical architecture and seeking out unique culinary delights. 

Peter Woodmancy

UoNottingham funded PhD student

Inside the lab: Joined Booth lab (Co-sup with Seedhouse Lab) in February 2024, following a few years working at a CRO. I am using proximity proteomics and bioinformatics to investigate the "interactome" of key cell division proteins in healthy and disease samples

Sciencey Skills: Bioinformatics, proteomics and computational biology

Outside the lab: I enjoy swimming and lifesaving sport, bouldering and cooking.

Lab Website Picture peter.jpg


Post-doc funded by Leverhulme Trust

Inside the lab: Joined Booth lab in November 2021. Establishing novel optical tweezer methods (with Co-I Professor Amanda Wright) to investigate the biophysical properties of chromosomes. 

Sciencey Skills: Biophysics, laser trap technology

Outside the lab: 

Wendy Baah

MSc Oncology Student

Inside the lab: I joined Team Booth in April 2024 for my MSc Project. My project aim is to establish expansion microscopy at UoNottingham and use for studying cell division mechanics.

Sciencey Skills: Expansion microscopy.

Outside the lab: I enjoy reading, gaming, crocheting and tinkering with computers and electronics.

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Hailey Mukoki

MSc Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology

Inside the lab: I joined Booth lab in Feb 2024 for my MSc project. My main project goal is to develop a bespoke and sophisticated viewing technology to improve how we capture and image dividing cells 

Sciencey Skills: Maskless lithography, nano imprinting and cell culture

Outside the lab: I love to cook, bake and enjoy spedning time with family and friends or/and watching movies with ice cream :-)

Nada Ahmed

Newton Mosharafa Funded PhD Student 

Inside the lab: Joined Booth lab in 2021 for a collaboration (Primary Supervisor is Andrew Benest) to define a novel moonlighting function of a mystery transcription factor! 

Sciencey Skills: iTRAQ, biochemistry, culturing endothelial cells, cell signalling, interactome analyses.

Outside the lab: Swimming and spending quality time with my son.

MicrosoftTeams-image (6)_edited.jpg

Jeffy Vinohar

BBSRC funded PhD student

Inside the lab: I joined Booth lab in April 2024 (in collaboration with Ruman Rahman (joint lead). My PhD project centres around characterising the infiltrative margin - the area between glioblastoma (cancer) and "normal" brain tissue. 

Sciencey Skills: 3D tumour co-culture models, electrophysiology and metabolic assays

Outside the lab: I enjoy travelling, watching motorsports, cooking and baking different cuisines,

Alumni - Gone But Never Forgotten



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