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The Biodiscovery Institute

The Biodiscovery Institute is a world-leading hub of interdisciplinary research excellence that is shaping the future of health and biotechnology. 

Our mission is simple, yet complex by its nature: through chemical and biological discovery and engineering we diagnose, treat and cure disease, and provide security for quality of life.  

Opened in 2020, the £100 million Biodiscovery Institute is home to 850 talented academics, researchers and clinicians who share a common passion: to use, or support, scientific endeavour to deliver change for the greater good. 

We are globally-respected leaders in six key areas: 

  • Taming microbes 

  • Defeating cancer 

  • Regenerating and modelling tissues 

  • Engineering biology 

  • Demystifying biomolecular complexity   

  • Pioneering therapeutics 

We foster an innovative environment that attracts major investment for pioneering research. Our teams have leveraged £223 million funding over the past five years alone. We collaborate with industry locally, nationally and globally. 

We are the Biodiscovery Institute: new ideas, pioneering research, and translation into commercial reality.

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