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Joining Our Team...

Team Booth launched at the Biodiscovery Institute in 2020. The lab is young, ambitious and representative of a modern thinking research community.  We pro-actively support EDI and embrace the seven Nolan Principles of Public Life. Collectively we are striving to create a supportive ‘Team Science’ ethos, underpinned by a leadership style with preference for emotional intelligence, mentorship and mutual respect. If this is a working environment that appeals to you and that you would like to be part of - please get in touch! Some opportunities for joining the lab are listed below.

Undergraduate Students

Each year the lab recruits honours students from our bespoke UoN Cancer Sciences degree. This is typically a three month placement (mixed part-time and full-time depending on lectures)


MSc Students

Each year we offer projects to students from, for example, MSc Oncology. Please get in touch if you are on the course and would like to join the lab for your project.

MRes Students

We have a number of projects suitable for those wishing ton complete a Master of Research degree. If you have a project in mind, that fits within the interests of our lab, then please get in touch.


PhD Students

The most common method our Team uses to recruit PhD students is via University DTPs, including (but not limited to) those funded by the BBSRC, Wellcome, BHF and MRC. We can provide advice and support for those wishing to apply.

Self-funded students and those with personal PhD scholarships are also very welcome to make contact with the lab to discuss potential projects.


Post-doctoral Researchers

We encourage contact from highly motivated Post-docs (and final year PhD students) wishing to join the lab as dedicated vacancies are periodically available. We are also very interested in supporting those wishing to apply for external post-doctoral Fellowships to be housed in the Booth lab. We have an excellent understanding and track-record of supporting such endeavours. Examples of external funders include EMBO long-term Fellowship, Marie Curie Fellowship, HFSP, BHF and EPSRC.

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