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Our Research at a Glance

Team Booth are interested in the molecular mechanisms underpinning 'normal' and aberrant cellular processes, with a view to better understand the disease pathways leading to cancer, birth defects, miscarriage and neurodegeneration. We have four main research themes:


1) Determine the relationship between chromosome structure, dynamics and disease progression.

What do chromosomes actually look like?

How do they change throughout cell division?

How does maintenance of chromosome structure contribute to cell division fidelity?

How is this altered in disease states?

2) Characterising the chromosome periphery. The surface of chromosomes are coated in a mysterious sheath, but:

What is its function?

What is it made of ?  What does it look like?

Does it have links with disease?


3) Define the molecular dialogue within and between cells.

For example, we are exploring signalling at the interface of axons and glial cells, to elucidate myelination pathways.

Which proteins contribute to myelinopathy?

How do these proteins cooperate?  


4) Developing cool cell biology tools!

We have a strong background in the development of advanced cell biology tools, in particular multi-modal microscopy and proximity proteomics. These tools not only connect all research themes, but also allow the lab to perform interdisciplinary research with an expansive collaborative network.

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